Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many consulting club on campus. What makes Venture unique?

Venture is not just another consulting club. We stand out because of our focus on entrepreneurship and early stage startups. We do not consult for massive organizations rather small teams who are tackling the world's biggest problems. Our consultants work directly with the change makers of our client firms. We present to c-suite executives and founders and work directly with them on how to best support their company’s growth. Our members gain opportunities and connections they would not have had access to otherwise.

What’s Venture’s time commitment?

We generally spend about 8-12 hours per week, with additional time for trainings for new members.

What if I’m not a business major?

No problem! As long as you have an interest in business and the motivation to solve problems, this will be right.

What do you look for in applicants? What business acumen do I need before applying to Venture?

We look for passionate and interesting people who want to make an impact. You don’t need any business experience to apply, because Venture has a robust training program for new consultants. All that you need to thrive in Venture is the desire and ability to learn, as well as a strong work ethic.

How do I prepare for interviews?

The best way to prepare is to go to our info sessions, and then attend our case workshop which is on January 31. Aside from those recruiting events, we recommend applicants to look over practice cases to familiarize themselves with the overall interview structure.

How competitive is the Venture application process?

Venture has a competitive application process. However, no one is at a disadvantage!