Venture Strategy Solutions at UC Berkeley is a student-run strategy consulting group that serves start-up growth-phase clients. In addition to having a niche client focus, VSS differentiates itself through a results-oriented consulting mindset, measuring our success through the success of our clients.


Tues. August 29 - Infosession 1

Wed. August 30 - Infosession 2

Thu. August 31 - Case Workshop

Fri. September 1 - Application Closes


Join Us

Venture Strategy Solutions (VSS) is a student-led consulting organization at UC Berkeley that works exclusively with start-ups.  Start-ups offer a unique opportunity for consulting because they are in a phase of rapid growth and change.  Because of their pace, the clients we work with are willing to implement our recommendations quickly.  Consultants are in communication with C-level executives to better understand the needs and the direction of the company.  All members are able to see, learn and understand how successful companies are built from the very inception.



Our Clients

Our clients recognize an opportunity for growth or improvement and want VSS to figure out ways to capitalize on these opportunities. As start-ups and growth-phase companies, our clients are able to act decisively upon our recommendations. We design implementable solutions for our clients that are more than just a list of “best practices.” Feasibility, focus, and prioritization guide our recommendations.