June 2016 Newsletter

Internal Updates

VSS Schedule

9/7 – How to Interview for VSS

9/14 – Welcome Night (EXEC)

  • Welcome Packet (P)
  • Welcome Presentation (EXEC)
  • Charade Icebreaker Game
  • Welcome Dinner (IVP)
  • Project Team Reveal w/ gifts (PM)

9/21 – Social Event: Public Speaking Workshop (EXEC)

9/28 – External Event: On-campus Alumni Career Panel Part 1 (EVP)

10/5 – Social Event: Mini-games social

10/12 – Decking Part 1 (Daniel)

  • PMs make their master slides after this week

10/19 – Decking Part 2 (Daniel)

10/26 – Midterm deliverable presentation

  • 15 min per presentation + 15 min administrivia = 90 min

11/2 – Social Event: Storytime Icebreaker [& Dinner] (P, IVP)

11/9 – External Event: On-campus Alumni Career Panel Part 2 (EVP)

11/16 – Social Event: Bring Your Own Board Game Night

11/23 – Thanksgiving Break

11/30 – Final Presentation

  • 15 min per presentation + 15 min administrivia = 90 min

Job Openings

Social Media & Photographer - You already know this, but our social media game needs work.  We need likes.  We need activity.  We need visibility.  We do a lot of things in this club and it would be awesome to brag about it online.  Also, we would like to document some of our professional events, so we can reference them in later semesters.  This is a really important job for the sustainability and future of VSS.

Web Design (Intern) - Danny, Patrick, and Neil will be overhauling the website over the summer, but once they are gone, someone will need to take over the site from them.  Anyone willing to get experience with Squarespace and/or design should sign up!

New Member Training Leader- Asmay will be structuring the various consultant trainings but would appreciate the help of anyone willing to share their experiences with our next class of consultants. If you are willing to attend and share your expertise at a training event, have ideas on how trainings should be changed, or want leadership experience in consulting training, please sign up!


There are two ideas being thrown around right now.  The first is going river rafting.  This is something we had planned last fall, but we were unable to go last minute.  Neil thinks river rafting would be an extremely fun and new way to do retreat.  Retreat last time was planned in Arnold, CA, so we would probably be revisiting that. 

The other idea for retreat was to head to a beach city.  Some of the best retreats that the older members of the club have been to have involved a beach in some capacity.  It’s really relaxing and there are so many options for people to explore at the beach that everyone is bound to have fun.  Ideas for location would be Santa Clara or Monterey.

Neil will be creating a poll soon asking for input on these ideas.  If you have any other ideas for retreat, feel free to post in the Facebook group or on Slack.  Neil wants to make this the best retreat you’ve been to!

Development Updates

Preliminary New Member Training Schedule

9/22 - Consulting Frameworks

9/29 - Optional Resume/ Internship Workshop

10/6 - Excel Workshop

10/13 -

10/20 - Decking Practice

10/27 -

11/3 - Big C Hike

11/10 -

11/17 -Decking Competition/ Final Training

11/24 - Thanksgiving break

Training Changes

Begin new member training with 15 minutes discussing their assignments to figure out what resources they need as a team. This should help alleviate concerns over not finding research resources and improve assignment quality.

External Updates

Expected Office Tours / Visits

Office tour companies

  • Series C Consulting - messaged

  • Shasta Ventures - will message

  • Google - messaged

Panels/fireside chats

  • Shasta Ventures - will message (same as office tour)
  • Batchery - will message (for VC & investor panel)
  • Other local accelerators/ VCs - gathering list

Alumni Events & Expected Dates

9/28 – External Event: On-campus Alumni Career Panel Part 1 (EVP)

11/9 – External Event: On-campus Alumni Career Panel Part 2 (EVP)

* Office tours have not had dates finalized yet

Will also set up a social with Alumni

Startup Weekend Progress

  • Spearheaded by Cheryl - building out the team this week and next
  • Getting on call with someone who works there after we have our first internal meeting
  • Creating a list of what we want from the event, what will be our biggest challenges, and drafting up a timeline for our progress

President Updates

Recruitment Process

I mainly have updates on clarifying the recruitment process, especially with deliberations, but will also briefly mention the budget. FYI there will be a much more detailed recruitment document sent out, but if you have concerns let us know now so we can add your input into finalizing recruitment.

The big changes to the interview process will be the addition of interview guidelines and training as well as how we will conduct the social stage. The interview process will work in the following way: 

Interview 1: Group Interview Stage:

For the most part the group interview will remain the same general format of “pitching to the VC your selected startup”. Taking on the suggestions of everyone at Stakeholder’s Meeting, we will start early on designing the 3 startups to be equally selectable as a company to pitch. There will be guidelines into specific questions and ways to judge say : quiet individuals, overly domineering members, and everything in between. 

*Group Deliberations: At this stage of the interview process and only at this stage, we will allow vouches on case by case. We will review green lights and evaluations.

Interview 2: Social Stage: 

1-2 VSS people paired with 3-4 Applicants switching every 15minutes

The issue that we were seeing in the past deliberations is that many VSS individuals. We will manually make a group sequence per person so that each VSS member will be active with a significant portion of the candidate pool. We understand that this will reduce the amount of great conversations that some of you mentioned and enjoyed, but this structure will allow you to meet a significant pool of the individuals.

Final Round: Case Quantitative and Qualitative & Behavioral

There will be a interview training where we will outline the threshold for those to move on to the next stage of interviews. In the end, you are the interviewer and not us. We trust your opinion, but document why you scored your person/candidate so highly or poorly.


3 Stages to get in.

  1. First Preliminary stage is our InstaCut and InstaIn:
    1. Instacuts are people that do not meet the threshold set by the relative performances of our applicants and a general rubric for performance in his/her final round interview
    2. Instains are not IN the club.
  2. They will be pushed into the final stage of deliberations for Debate
    1. 20-25 individuals who were not instantly cut or instantly moved forward will debated upon
    2. these are individuals who have hit a certain threshold of performance in the final stages, but need to be discussed further on other behavioral factors
  3. Final Consideration
    1. All factors: group, social, final considered
    2. Remember it is a two way street for social fit

There is no 100% way to recruit but hopefully with the addition of training and guidelines, deliberation will be as smooth as it can be while maintaining fairness in selecting candidates.


The budget is underway. We will have a best-case scenario and a worst-case scenario for budgeting in next month’s newsletter.  Due to the success of several clients supporting VSS financially from our own teams, we can confidently say that dues will be less than last semester. Fear not for exorbitant car fees, we will figure the car situation way in advance and optimize the budget for our college bank accounts.

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