July 2016 Newsletter

As we near the middle of our summer, I hope everyone has gotten some well-deserved rest and (OK, me!) is catching up on Game of Thrones. Here are the updates on our end.

Internal Updates

Retreat Updates

It seems that everyone has not voted on the poll that I made. Shame on those of you that didn’t. As the poll currently stands, we will be going whitewater rafting in the American River.  I will keep the poll up until July 15, when it will be taken down and the result will be noted.  I will start logistically planning the event after you guys have done your part by voting. Hopefully I can make this retreat extremely fun and memorable for everyone!

Also, the poll is open to suggestions, and I’m surprised no one has suggested anything else.

Job Openings

This is a reminder about the job openings that VSS has:

Social Media & Photographer - You already know this, but our social media game needs work.  We need likes.  We need activity.  We need visibility.  We do a lot of things in this club and it would be awesome to brag about it online.  Also, we would like to document some of our professional events, so we can reference them in later semesters.  This is a really important job for the sustainability and future of VSS.

Web Designer - Danny, Patrick, and Neil will be overhauling the website over the summer, but once they are gone, someone will need to take over the site from them.  Anyone willing to get experience with Squarespace and/or design should sign up!


New Member Training Leader - Asmay will be structuring the various consultant trainings but would appreciate the help of anyone willing to share their experiences with our next class of consultants. If you are willing to attend and share your expertise at a training event, have ideas on how trainings should be changed, or want leadership experience in consulting training, please sign up!

Please email berkeleyvss@gmail.com with:

  • A Resume
  • Why you think you are the best for the role (250 words max)

Please email us by no later than July 15.  We will reach out to you about next steps.


Everyone should expect an email from Neil with sign-ups for tabling.  Instructions will be on the sheet.  Everyone is expected to do their part. We are looking for fantastic people to join VSS, so brush up on your VSS knowledge so you can pitch it well!

If you know anyone that would be a good fit for VSS, let them know to check us out!

Development Updates

Asmay has begun to pull together decks to supplement the training schedule presented last month so that all members can reference aspects of decking, excel, or consulting. Don’t worry, Asmay has not been slacking, he has worked really hard on the backend.

External Updates

Position Update

For those of you that missed my prior email, I am stepping down from External VP this next semester. I will still be around to mentor a team, help with office tours, and most importantly, help with the Startup Weekend. Please reach out to me at walquistl@berkeley.edu if you have any questions about my decision or how Exec plans to make this transition.

Startup Weekend Update

We are fully back in touch with the Startup Weekend and Cheryl is spearheading it for us! (Huge shoutout to her and those that responded to her email looking to take on more roles in helping out with it). Several people have joined her team on this but we could still use more help if you’re interested- it's a huge event and will be great exposure for VSS.  

Office Tours & Alumni Nights

No significant updates on these yet. Reach out to me if you have a place you particularly want an excuse to get a tour at and I’ll see what I can do!

President Updates

General Feedback

The enthusiasm to participate in VSS has been great. Several consultants have reached out to the exec team on helping with new member event and Startup Weekend. It warms my heart to see consultants step up and willing to participate. However, please do fill out Neil’s poll, and the future polls that we are sending out. It’s the easiest way to get your feedback.

My thoughts on Luke's transition:

     Luke's been a great asset to the club and I know I'll miss having someone who has been a big help on reaching out to alumni and planning events. I'm really proud that he's outlined his role on how the exec team and other members of the club can transition his role. More specific updates to come with the Startup Weekend (SW) team.

PM Updates

The client search is well on its way. Project managers are working hard to get into contact with clients and many have received calls. Keep up the good work!


As promised, to ensure a more consistent and fair way to conduct our fall recruiting the exec team is working to create a recruitment guideline/training for judging each round. Moreover, we are going to start writing the cases for the group stage and final round. Once some of the initial drafts are done, we will have those sent to the entire club for review and critique. If you are interested on aspects of the case to adjust or be added. Send your thoughts to berkeleyvss@gmail.com


I wanted to congratulate all teams on their hard work this semester. Every team has received payment and it has been a very fruitful past semester for VSS. Dues will probably be significantly less than the previous semester. Currently the exec team is working on getting major items of budget planned (retreat, car costs, banquet, apparel, etc) to estimate expenses and make this process as transparent and NOT OVER BUDGET as possible. J


VSS has traditionally gotten new apparel every semester and it’s been decided almost entirely by the exec board, but I know many people don’t have the older Columbia jackets and wish to voice their interest for apparel.

A google form will be circulated after the July 4th weekend to poll suggestions on apparel. (i.e. provide apparel link in the poll) On a later date we will have the club vote on the apparel we’ll be sporting for the semester.

Have an awesome July 4th weekend!


Neil ArgadeComment