August 2016 Newsletter

Alrighty, this newsletter is a short one but it’s only a few weeks until school starts. As you finish off your internships and enjoy the Olympics or simply relax, there are a bunch of things to come. It is crunch time for PMs and the beginning of fall recruitment!     

Internal Updates

Retreat Update

I would like to apologize for not going with an option that we had originally gave you guys to vote on.  Unfortunately, the logistics for whitewater rafting were too challenging and expensive for us to continue along with. Also, we had just done a beach recently, so we decided that a hiking retreat would be more fun. Thus, we decided that we will be going to Yosemite this fall!

Open Positions

If you were interested in a position, you will be contacted shortly and more details will be given to you regarding next steps.


Everyone should expect an email from Neil with sign-ups for tabling.  Instructions will be on the sheet.  Everyone is expected to do their part. We are looking for fantastic people to join VSS, so brush up on your VSS knowledge so you can pitch it well!

External Updates

Startup Weekend Update

The Startup Weekend crew continues its communication with planning the event. The several individuals who encompass the SW team have been working hard organizing the logistics and dividing the working on finalizing the application to host Startup Weekend, brainstorming sponsorship ideas, locating venues, identifying judges and more. Hopefully the next time the newsletter rolls around, there will be some major updates with the process.

President Updates

PM Updates

The client search is well on its way. We still have some project manager teams finalizing securing a client. Now it is crunch time, so please keep up the communication and work smart!


We are well on our way to writing the group cases for first round interviews.. A recruitment guide is still to come in the coming week from things like the VSS pitch to the specific characteristics we are looking for in each interview round. Here is a quick snapshot of the draft of the individual interview case. If you are interested on aspects of the case to adjust or be added. Send your thoughts to


Due to differing views on which apparrel VSS should sport this semester, we are opening up apparel discussion again. Please email us with your ideas. We will poll all suggestions made thus far.

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